Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quattro = One

I know it's been a bit quiet on the MBS front these past couple of months. We've been slowly working on getting stuff together, but nothing have progressed to the point that a "post" was warranted.

However, two things on the Home Front have taken place that are definitely worth mentioning:

1) Dana's Birthday!
The Littlest Man of the Clan, Dana (AKA Quattro, Moose) just turned the Big 1 Year Old last week... He's growing up fast, in size and skills. Walking, running, eating by himself, fighting in underground Baby Fight Clubs, etc., he's got it all covered!

2) Mackenzie's Kung Fu Tournament!
A couple of weeks ago, Mac entered her second Martial Arts Tournament, competing in Kata (style and technique) and Sparring (hitting other little girls). Last year, she pulled in 3rd place in Sparring, but this year, she brought home the Gold! Mac snagged 1st place, and against a larger group of competitors than last year.


Elwood said...

Between the two of them, you'll have your own little dojo going in no time!

Congrats to both of them!

kylestevensmusic said...

You're kids are awesome! You know that though...

TD said...

Kyle speaketh the truth. Awesome spawn. Awespawn?