Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sir Mix-A-Lot, Knight of the Realm

I have my pal Jim to thank for little piece of Awesomeness (and the guys at Robot Chicken, of course), who knows my love of Sir Mix-A-Lot knows no bounds...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dallas McCoy Cover Art

I've been threatening to put out a Dallas McCoy miniseries for ages, but it looks as if we are finally getting to the point of starting production on it. Before the miniseries kicks in, though, we are going to put together a Zero Issue, containing 2-3 short stories plus some other goodies. For this issue, we contracted the services of the very talented Edward Pun to do the cover.

Here is the evolution of said cover, starting with the initial sketches.

Once Edward turned these in, I briefly went over the various designs and picked out the one I thought was best for Dallas (which turned out was Edward's first choice, as well).

Later, I received these awesome pencils for the cover.

Seeing nothing wrong with it, I gave Edward the Green Light to finish up the piece. Shortly, he sent me the colored version. After a quick inspection and a minor color change, the final edition was delivered.

And there you have it. The finished artwork for Dallas McCoy #0, which will hopefully be done in time for next year's Emerald City ComiCon.