Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Lucky Year

Today's the day. One year ago, my son JACK CLIFFORD AVERY MEREDITH was born, giving me the best birthday present I've ever gotten. It even beats out the iPod I got the previous year!

My family and I had a simple birthday party for him; some vanilla cake and a few presents for him to play with. We presented him with a cake with candles, sang to him, and blew them out for him. He had no clue what the hell was going on, but he seemed to enjoy it. Lucky is nothing if not curiously happy. Then, we cut him a chunk of cake and let him at it. He was actually rather subdued, not making too much of a mess, as you all can see from the picture to the left.

Afterwards, we opened up a few presents that he received: a toy dump truck for babies, some cool learning blocks, a super-textured moose, and a couple of other things. All in all, not too bad of a night for the Little Man.

Now, sharing my birthday may not seem like a lot of fun to some, but it's actually pretty neat. I have that little extra connection to the boy. There's no way the rest of the family will forget our birthday. Plus, as I'm old and decrepit, I no longer have cake for just my birthday. This way, I'm guaranteed to get cake for now on! Sugar Coma, here I come!