Saturday, August 11, 2007


Progression is a strange thing at times, moving at its own lumbering or slithering pace. The progress one has can almost be related to that of the "waiting game" attributed to the lives of a detective; most of their time is spent sitting about, waiting for the right moment.

Well, that's how progress feels to me, at least lately it has. A lot of my time is spent moving slowly towards the completion of many projects, either by necessity and design or by fate and chaos. Then, all of a sudden, a whirlwind of creativity and/or timing blows through and massive amounts of work is done on said projects.

That is what has happened in the last couple of weeks. Progress on a large scale. Some projects are coming to fruition, others are getting off the ground with alarming speed.

Anyway, on that note, let me fill you in on some of that progress...

The second issue of the Sprecken: Kalabus Rex mini-series is now being lettered. Like the first issue, this will be a limited printing of only 100 copies under the Rorschach Entertainment label and will be available only at conventions or online. We will debut Issue #2 at the upcoming Bell Con in Bellingham, WA, which will be in October. Once the entire mini-series is complete, it will be re-issued and solicited for release in comic retail outlets everywhere. In fact, the last of the pages for issue #4 are being finished as we speak, so I believe it should be safe to say that we'll be able to officially release the mini-series by Late Spring/Early Summer.

The artwork for the Dallas McCoy mini-series (which has no subtitle; Amy Riddle and I are treating it like a TV season, in which several stories are tied together with subplots, as opposed to one singular story arc) has started. Our artist for the series, Sidney Lima, even did a slight redesign of her outfit for the series (as you can see here).

I am also in the midst of a HUGE new project, a brand new Sci-Fi series that I am co-writing with an As-Yet-Unnamed partner. I'd like to say more, but I just can't... not yet, anyway. I will be able to make a semi-official announcement about this in a little over a month. Believe me, it's going to be as cool as hell is hot...